AIT’s Strategy 2013 defines four core strategies for the future of AIT:

  • Strengthen Internationality as a Regional Network Institute,
  • Excellence and Relevance in Education, Research and Outreach,
  • Positioning and Branding
  • Development and Resources Management

Based on these strategies, AIT will present itself as a platform of higher education for scholars (students, faculty and researchers) from inside and outside the region to participate in creating solutions for the region. A desirable distribution of scholars that would contribute to AIT’s unique multi-cultural atmosphere would be one-quarter from each of the following regions: (1) Southeast Asia, (2) South Asia and the Middle East, (3) East and Central Asia, and (4) the rest of the world.

AIT positions itself as an incubator of emerging technologies by engaging visiting scholars from universities worldwide to perform joint research and collaborative teaching at AIT. As an incubator, AIT shall further embrace new technologies (subjects) that contribute to a community’s growth and establish small, prominent programs that are not well-known throughout the world. Both students and faculty would be attracted to such niche and dynamic programs, and emerging technology programs will further attract private sector funding.

No. The Endowment Fund, both the principal and its earnings, shall not be used to sustain the day-to-day operation of AIT, but for her long-term sustainability.

After overcoming a difficult financial position in 2002-5, AIT is expected to have no difficulty in sustaining her day-to-day operations. Thus, the objective of the endowment fund is for the long-term development of AIT. Earning from the Endowment Fund will be used to attract top students from all over Asia to study at AIT again and to support ten world-class visiting scholars each year to revitalize AIT

There may be one or more reasons why fundraising in Asia is often not successful. First and most important reason was the lack of involvements from all stakeholders. Secondly, a wrong signal might have been sent to potential donors that the raised monies are necessary to rescue an organization, rather than to support the future of an organization. Thirdly, people did not want to donate money into the "black hole". Donors have the right to know where their money goes and whether it is used according to their wishes. Thus, to be successful, AIT needs to establish an Endowment Fund Foundation as a home to the Endowment Fund; the “foundation” will be a separate legal entity from AIT.

All donations will go to the to-be-established AIT Endowment Foundation (proposed to be under the Patronage of HRH Princess Sirindhorn). Its management will be under the supervision of the Foundation Board (FB) chaired by HRH Princess Sirindhorn, and composed of representatives of AIT stakeholders.

Donors are allowed to specify choices on how the principal and/or its earning are used. A list of priorities shall be developed by FB, based on the identified needs in furtherance of AIT’s strategic sustainability in these two areas:

1) To strengthen AIT’s tradition of being a higher education hub/platform for top students from all over Asia to live and study together. This can be achieved by providing generous scholarships to attract the top students in Asia; and

2) To revitalize AIT’s faculty resource with dynamic input from all over the world. This can be achieved by establishing “HRH Princess Sirindhorn Scholars” program for 10 world-class scholars to spend visiting periods at AIT every year. The program’s prestige will be ensured through the kind patronage of HRH Princess Sirindhorn, the vision of the Foundation Board and the selection of world-class scholars.

The AIT Foundation will be governed by the Foundation Board with HRH Princess Sirindhorn serving as Honorary Chair, composed of prominent alumni and friends of AIT. Under the Foundation Board, there will be at least 4 subcommittees (1) Fundraising Committee; (2) Investment Committee; (3) Fund Management Committee; and (4) Audit Committee.

The Campaign will see a sustained and integrated effort to raise the funds, giving opportunities for all to take part, who care about the future of AIT, and her important roles in the changing world. As volunteers, AIT alumni can play a key role in jointly developing plans for the Campaign and help advocate the “case” – reflecting the common aspiration to rebuild AIT into the second half of AIT’s century. Alumni participation remains most crucial to the success of the campaign. Being advocates of AIT’s case, alumni help appeal to the “major prospects” in their circles, including corporations, foundations, and philanthropists, for the support.