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“To you from failing hands we throw the torch; be yours to hold it high.”

From “In Flanders Fields”
by John McCrae, 1915

For five decades AIT has stood out as a prominent force for regional progress and harmonious relations by bringing many of the continent’s best and brightest young people together to a unique and enriching higher learning environment that forges leaders. Since its inception in 1959, many thousands of our students have been privileged to obtain a world-class education at AIT funded through full scholarships. Through these means, AIT was routinely able to attract the finest of students, producing highly trained and exceptionally performing graduates.

Over the years competition for academic funding has increased. Today the Asian Institute of Technology is fully embarked on a campaign to connect our generous supporters with our top students and faculty to help them pursue their passions in a wide range of disciplines.

The AIT Endowment Fund Campaign provides an opportunity for you to be an instrumental part of creating the next generation of global leaders who are proud to call AIT their alma mater.

Alumni and other friends who choose to invest in the opportunities that enable AIT to compete more intensely on the world stage, will not only help raise the Institute’s profile, but, more importantly, their philanthropy will improve the lives of deserving individuals and enrich society as a whole.

Your support helps us provide the necessary resources and opportunities for our leaders of tomorrow to compete, succeed and have an impact on the world. With your generosity and support, the Asian Institute of Technology will achieve its objectives and continue the legacy it has established after 50 years.

Thank you for helping develop tomorrow’s global citizens and leaders. Thank you for making a difference, along with AIT.