AIT’s Fight Against COVID-19

The AIT Entrepreneurship Center (EC) invites you to take part in "AIT's fight against COVID-19" by submitting your ideas and projects in this open call. We seek projects that can create real impact to fight COVID-19 within 6 month. Our President has released 250k Baht to fund several projects of up to 50k Baht per project for a proof-of-concept (POC), follow up funding needs to be arranged on individual project bases.

Preparing Graduates for the Job Market

"In order to prepare graduates for the job market, universities must allow students to face real problems, and to learn how to combine knowledge and technologies to solve those problems." - Associate Professor Dr. Chutiporn Anutariya

A report from the Thailand National Statistical Office showed that in September 2019, almost 400,000 were unemployed, whereas a more recent survey from March to April 2020 found that more than 500,000 new graduates in Thailand may have a high risk of being out of jobs.

Interview with AIT President

In an interview conducted before the Asian Institute of Technology closed its campus on March 18 – cancelling all face-to-face classes and moving to online interactive learning for all students – AIT President Dr. Eden Woon spoke to Thailand Education Partnership (TEP). The president touched on the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic, and elaborates on how higher education institutions must respond quickly in the 21st century to rapid technological advancements in the delivery of education.

AIT alumna leads first COVID-19 fight in Thailand

EXCLUSIVE: Hospitals can apply management skills to battle the coronavirus, writes Kanda Yaemboonruang
“Keeping morale high, correct understanding and maintaining social responsibility are the magic words to fight the epidemic.”

Big news hit Thailand on 20 January 2020 when the first case of the new strain of coronavirus (COVID-19) was identified at Nakhon Pathom Hospital.