WEM Alum — From Being Funded by the Bank to Funding through the Bank

By Mae Thiwari

Former Asian Development Bank scholarship student turned World Bank water expert, Abdul Naser Majidi, is working through tough challenges on the first ever mega Water-Sanitation-Hygiene program in Afghanistan.

Working as a trainee engineer in 2013 on a dam project, Majidi noticed how almost all the water specialists working for the Afghan Ministry of Energy and Water at the time were foreigners.

AIT alumni donated 50 Rapid Antigen test kits for Covid-19

Mr. Umer H. Al-Qureshi, an AIT alumnus graduated Masters in Structural Engineering 1999 and a Senior Software Developer at Computer & Structures, Inc., U.S.A. provides in-kind donation of 50 Rapid Antigen test kits to track and trace potential cases and to keep AIT community safe from COVID-19.  

AIT President Dr. Eden Y. Woon expressed his thanks to Mr. Umer H. Al-Qureshi for this timely donation and support to the Institute.

Plastic Pandemic caused by COVID-19 Presents Opportunity for Green Recovery

By Mae Thiwari and Olubummi Temidayo Thomas

July 15, 2021

New report by AIT and UNEP brought to light the environmental impact and possibilities to build back better with a holistic waste management system, through plastic circularity principles.

With comprehensive data on plastics and plastic packaging sector collected over a year since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the report, the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) jointly held a webinar on ‘COVID-19 & Plastic Plight: A Reflection from One Year of the Pandemic’ to discuss how to create a solution for resource efficient and pollution free Asia Pacific.