FAQ on Exchanges

1. Are there also opportunities for Internships/Exchanges for PhD. students?. Is the Exchange opportunity also available for doctorate students?
A:  The Internship/Exchange system being briefed at the Students Forum on Internships and Exchanges on 11 February 2021 does not apply to doctoral students.  However, a doctoral student can do non-credited internship or exchange as part of their dissertation in consultation with their Advisor.

2. Can I do both an Internship and Exchange? Would that be possible?
A:  Students have to choose one or the other.  Students upon completing two semesters / four terms (for SOM) of coursework with a minimum CGPA of 3.0 and an English level of at least 6.0 on AIT Standard are eligible for Internship or going on Exchange. If a student plan to do a Research Study after completing 24 credits of coursework, one can only do either a Minor or go on an Exchange.  If one decides to do an Internship in lieu of a Research Study, then the student must complete 36 credits of coursework at AIT (with 24 credits completed before the Internship).

3. Is this opportunity available for final semester students?
A:  Yes.  These opportunities (internships or exchange) may be undertaken from the third semester (or fifth term for SOM) onwards within the student’s study program.

4. What major can join an Internship/Exchange?
A:  Students from any academic program can avail of these opportunities (internship or exchange).  However, some partner organizations or universities may indicate the major of students they prefer to receive.  Please visit this link for our partner organizations for internships and this link for our partner universities for exchanges.

5. Who meets the costs of Exchange?
A:  With the agreements we have on exchange with partner universities, all of them call for waiving of each other’s tuition.  The student only needs to pay for their transportation, lodging, living expenses and some fees while on exchange.

6. Is AIT going to provide any scholarships or is the host organization providing any scholarships for Exchanges?
A:  The Institute manages a limited number of scholarships for student exchange for one semester to partner universities abroad.  The scholarships, with some restrictions, will subsidize UP TO half of the total airfare, board and lodging expenses of the student.  Some scholarships are available for student mobility programs, e.g. Erasmus, which will have to be applied for separately.

7. In the context of the global epidemic, can the Institute's overseas Exchange program be effectively carried out?
A:  With COVID-19, we recognize that exchanges may not be fully implemented, as there will be restrictions on travel and other global travel problems.  The Coordinators at each AIT School, as well as in AIT’s Office of International Affairs (OIA), will carefully liaise with their respective counterparts at the partner university to ensure our student’s safety and to proceed with the exchange program.

8. Would it possible if I want to go study in China or Taiwan?
A:  Yes, we have partner universities in both China and Taiwan.  Our partner universities for exchange are available at this link

9. In some countries like Japan, their semester starts and ends in a different period to AIT. Have any students tried an exchange program there before? And how did they work out this issue? Since the semesters will overlay on each other.
A:  Yes, we had students who went on exchange in Japanese universities. They followed the partner university's intake time for exchange. Since most of the exchange students already completed their coursework at AIT before going for exchange, the difference in semester period didn't affect them.