FAQ on Internships

1. I would like to know the list of companies that we can choose for an Internship?
A:  Our partner organizations for internships are available at this link.

2. Which company will the Internships be available with, or do we have to find it ourselves?
A:  Our partner organizations for internships are available at this link. Students may also suggest companies or organizations they want to do an internship at.  Our Enterprise Engagement Office (EEO) will assist in establishing a partnership with the identified company or organization.

3. There has been an issue with international students having hard time to get Internships in organizations. Is it because students are lacking some valuable skills?  If so, how can AIT help to solve this gap as even though AIT has partnered with many organizations, a lot of students are pessimistic about getting an Internship.
A: The new collaborations with partners and enterprises for internships are being facilitated through prior discussions and agreements, and are expected to resolve some of the issues faced by the students in the past.  The newly established Enterprise Engagement Office (EEO) will help the students in case they face any difficulty.

4. For an Internship, is it possible to take it abroad?
A:  Yes, it is possible.  Currently most companies listed are in Thailand, but companies based in other countries are being contacted and explored, and if the students already have a contact, the Enterprise Engagement Office EEO can facilitate the agreement.  AIT alumni are spread all over Asia and many of them either own, or are in senior management of, companies.  These companies may also be candidate internship destinations.  Speak to the Office of Advancement and Alumni Affairs (oaaa@ait.ac.th) if you know of such a company or if you are particularly interested in an alumni company to intern in.

5. Regarding Internships for students, we can help AIT to refer contacts and organizations who are offering/seeking Interns. In this regard, whom should we contact to get a list of students interested in an Internship, what institutional process needs to maintain.
A:  Please contact Mr. Ashim Neupane at ashim@ait.ac.th or at eeo@ait.asia

6. If I am opting for the Thesis option, can I undertake the internship opportunities?
A:  A credited internship is not possible with the thesis option. 

7.Are there many Internship opportunities for students who do not speak Thai?
A:  Yes, several local and multi-national companies conduct business in English as their professional language.  Please contact eeo@ait.asia for further details.

8. Who meets the costs of Internship?
A:  With the agreements we have on internships with partner organizations, no costs are charged to student Interns.  The student only needs to pay for their transportation, lodging, and living expenses while on internship.

9. Are there also opportunities for Internships/Exchanges for PhD. students?
A:  The Internship/Exchange system being briefed at the Students Forum on Internships and Exchanges on 11 February 2021 does not apply to doctoral students.  However, a doctoral student can do non-credited Internship or Exchange as part of their dissertation in consultation with their Advisor.

10. Can I do both an Internship and Exchange? Would that be possible?
A:  Students have to choose one or the other.  Students upon completing two semesters / four terms (for SOM) of coursework with a minimum CGPA of 3.0 and an English level of at least 6.0 on AIT Standard are eligible for Internship or going on Exchange. If a student plan to do a Research Study after completing 24 credits of coursework, one can only do either a Minor or go on an Exchange.  If one decides to do an Internship in lieu of a Research Study, then the student must complete 36 credits of coursework at AIT (with 24 credits completed before the Internship).

11. What major can join an Internship/Exchange?
A:  Students from any academic program can avail of these opportunities (internship or exchange).  However, some partner organizations or universities may indicate the major of students they prefer to receive.  Please visit this link for our partner organizations for internships and this link for our partner universities for exchanges.